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Casa Tomada Rafael Gómez Barros

"The urban interventions are meant to represent displacement of peasants in his native Columbia [sic] due to war and violence, themes that resonate in one form or another in any country his work is displayed in. Crafted from tree branches, fiberglass, and fabric, the 2 foot ants are particularly striking when seen clustered aggressively on facades of buildings.”

I will always reblog giant ants.

This is truly terrifying.

– Alexander



I believe that every american should at least watch this monologue from The Newsroom



Fly Shy Stories: Part IV


so i was talking to this girl everything was cool, we weren’t like girlfriend and boyfriend but we were talking.

little background shorty pops was a boxing legend in my hood,  so she was always in the gym following in his footsteps, she was in the gym 5 times a weak boxing when i would go to watch her she would be hitting the pads looking like floyd…

so anyway

I’m over at her house one day was cuddling watching a movie, I decide to get up to use the bathroom, when i get back i see her going through my phone so shes like “who’s keisha” im i pause for a minute

im likeimage"a friend"

shes like oh so friends send pictures of their boobs to you now, she sits up on the bed and starts reading the texts, im like i aint tell her to send them she just did that on her own, shes still reading shes like hmm

september 4th she Said  wanna come over and you sent her the eyes, tongue and  water emoji with a question mark and she said yes please.. september 5th she said that was amazing lets do it again next week… just friends huh.. she gets out the bed starts taking off her earings and walking towards me and squaring up, i start having flashbacks of her in the boxing gym throwing like mike tyson in ‘88, im shook like


so she fakes me out act like she throwing a left then she throws a right hook, straight leans my shit clean


son she hit me harder than bishop td jakes when the spirit takes over im on the wall leaning like this image

shorty hit harder than George Foreman before he started making grills

shorty harder than a migos track when the beat drop

she swing harder than female black tumblr under an iggy azalea post

ive been in fights with grown men who aint hit me that hard, so im like ok u got your hit can i leave shorty trap me in the corner and start speed bagging my ribs  if i cover my face she start hitting my ribs if i block my ribs she start hitting my face so i just did the mayweather shoulder rolling starting blocking all her shit


she backs up and is like fight back pussy

im like oh word aiight, fuck all that dont hit girls bullshit i square up i throw a shot she ducks it and leans my shit again


her hands too fast i say fuck it run under her pick her up and pin her to the bed, im like i fucked up im sorry stop hitting me shes like ok ok its over i get off her shes like can i get a hug im like yeah babe


she goes “boop bop” rocks my shit twice lol im like aiight this chick aint stopping i grab her ass up pin her to the bed again then i get an idea.. i start breathing really fast and i go “i cant breath hold up”  shes like omg are u ok im like can i get some water  shes like yes she goes to get some water and when shes gone i look over like oh shit it worked


she comes back gives me water and starts rubbing my back i lay my head in her chest and like i dont wanna fight anymore image

she was like you’re not my boyfriend i over reacted im like mhm and we started cuddling and then she started punching me in my arm so i punch her back then i pull her on top of me and  we had makeup sex


my face aint really hurt but when i woke up i looked like martin in that boxing episode

yes i faked an asthma attack to stop a girl from whooping my ass

Moral of the story: I though i was gon die

The End.





"If Black People Said The Stuff White People Say"

yes yes yes omg yes 


I know what I’m saying….



How I play Metal Gear:

  • Look around for an entire 5 minutes just planning your route
  • Get spotted as soon as you move
  • Ruin your suppressor just trying to hit one guy
  • Miss that guy entirely
  • CQC him to death
  • Hide the body 8 miles from the crime scene
  • Repeat

Party Like A White Girl" plays softly in the background.

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